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About me

I believe in simple things and in creativity,

the one free like imagination but exact like invention.

My motto?

Creativity: thinking outside of the box
Montagna e escursioni


I love challenges, adrenaline and nature.


In 2021 I graduated in Communication, Media and Advertising at IULM University in Milan, but I could not stand the city and the mountains were calling.

Cortina d'Ampezzo luckily took me with the World Ski Championships and from that moment my passion never died.

The Dolomites teach me every day to accept news and unpredictable changes.


As a creative, I like tattoos as self-expression and one of mine says Simple things.

It reminds me that good projects do not need many architectures to be successful.

I appreciate the beauty in little things:

a chat around the fire with a good glass of wine in company sounds like happiness, doesn't it?

Avventura e semplicità
Nuovo e mai banale


Not to the mainstream or banality.

Not to something because everyone does it or it's always been like that.

But to change.

To the storms that make you feel alive.

To creativity that recombines the elements.


It is my motivation because if you wish, you can. 

I have many passions then to fill every minute:  

sports woman, outdoor lover, musician, seeker of galactic cocktails...

But if I tell you everything, what's the fun?

Passione, montagna, fotografia
Fuoco vivo, fotografia


An online life needs breaks to get out of the bit vortex.

For me, human relationships are still fundamental; without analogue, digital would be meaningless.


The onlife is priceless!

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